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TRAM: British and Australian (American usually streetcar also trolley) noun [C]
An electric vehicle that transports people, usually in cities, and goes along metal tracks in the road. (Taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary)

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How you can Help
This page was last updated 1 June 2003
BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE is always looking for help in many ways and the purpose of this page is to show section by section of the site what you can do to help keep it as up-to-date as possible.

News Pages
The news pages are the main part of the site and is also the most visited part. Currently the majority of the news is taken from other publications particularly local newspaper websites. In an ideal world BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE would be looking to move away from the reliance it has on these other sources. The way that this can be done is by you the enthusiast sending us the latest news on your local or favourite tramway or museum. All you need do is email with the latest and the news can appear on the site soon after with the source cited as being your name, or if you would prefer you can remain anonymous. The news can either be something you have seen first hand, such as a new livery on a tram or an incident such as a derailment, or you can have read about it somewhere on the internet or in your local paper. In the later cases if you can also provide where you have found out this information it would be helpful. We are also interested from hearing from you if you are involved in a current tram restoration project and can provide any latest information on the progress.

Fleet Lists
Another popular area of the site is the Fleet List section which we believe is the only place on the net you can find all the major systems and museums in the UK in one place. The way you can help here is by informing us if you notice any changes to trams when you are out and about. The most obvious thing here is livery changes, most likely to be seen in Blackpool and on the DLR with new advertising contracts. As well as this there may be namings of trams or technical changes. In addition to this please let us know if you notice any errors or ommissions on the current fleet lists, for a fact I know that many trams owned by the Tramway Museum Society are omitted from the Crich list and also that the 3 new Seaton trams are missing as I currently have no details on these. Finally in this section you can help by making suggestions for anywhere else you would like to see featured with a Fleet List.

The aim in the features section is for there to be a new feature each month. For this to be possible it would be nice if some other people would be willing to write the odd article. The features can be on any UK based tram system either past or present. Maybe you have been on a recent trip to either a tram system or a museum and would be willing to write about just send it in as an email attachment to You do not need to know any html or you would need do would be to write it on Microsoft Word or some other package and we would do the rest. The length? Anything a page or longer would be excellent. We are also looking for a volunteer(s) who would be willing to write a report on the opening of Nottingham Express Transit in November, please email for more details.

Gallery and General Photographs
Photos are used for 3 main purposes on BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE, the galleries, the front page and the Hall of Fame. This is a major area you can help as we can not get all round the country to take regular photos. We are particularly interested in photos of any of the trams in the Hall of Fame which does not currently have one, of any recent repaints or of trams and systems which have not featured recently on the site. The front page always features a topical photo and so if you know of an anniversary coming up feel free to email us a photo on

Hall of Fame
This is an area which really needs suggestions at the moment. I am trying to have a varied series of inductees into this area but currently all of my ideas are of Blackpool trams. Is there a tram (or tram person) you would like to see on these pages? If there is email us on and let us know. In addition if the tram is a more obscure example it would help if you could provide an image and some information on why you think it should be there, or maybe you would even like to write the report in a similar style to the others!

Diary of Events
If you know of an event in the tram world not mentioned on the diary please let us know by email at Also if you have further details on an event also let us know.

Links Page
The very nature of the internet means that some sites move to a new address or are deleted because of varying reasons. As such some of the links may no longer be active, if this is the case please let us know so we can remove them. In addition by no means are the links a definitive list of UK tram resources on the net, so if you have a site or know or another site that could feature please let us know by emailing that address,

It Happened In This Week
One of my favourite features is on the Home Page is the dates of important events in the tram world. Again this is by no means a definitive list so if you know of any big dates please let us know so that they can be added for the future. Don't worry if we already have that date we would rather have something twice than not at all. Once again that email address is

BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE is always looking to evolve and improve. If there is something you think would be a good thing to have on the site let us know and we will see if it is possible to add it. I'm sure you know the email address by now (its on this page enough) but here it is again

BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE is now about to start allowing preservation groups etc advertise their events or services on the site. We envisage 2 different types of advert possible a side bar advert (about the width of the site links on the left hand side) and a full width advert (like the Amazon links all over the site). At this stage we will not allow commercial organisations to advertise but any museum or society are welcome to see if we can help. The service is totally FREE and you can either design the advert yourself or we would be willing to do a very simple one for you. BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE does reach people worldwide with hundreds visiting each month so any publicity for your events we can offer we would be happy to give. For more details email us on

Helping Tram Restoration
You will notice that on practically every page there is a link to These links are there for you to do your online shopping and help raise money for tram restoration. All you have to do is use the links on BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE when you are going to buy anything from Amazon and then a small percentage of the sale will be given to us. It is then our plan to forward all the money that we have earnt on to a worthwhile tram based organisation, which will be revealed nearer to the date. At the moment the links are very much under used and we have not got enough to be sent the money but when we start using it a lot we should get quarterly payments.