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This week on British Trams Online

We have our first new photos of the year on the site this week (well, new as is not seen before, although they do come from 2019!). The photos come from London Tramlink with the trams seen running on the network on 30th December 2019 (so only just 2019 but still 2019 nonetheless).

Away from those photos it still very much seems to be a quiet start to the year with the odd news story being reported on the News & Features page but the past seven days hasn't seen a huge influx of news. Which is fine if it isn't out there but it does make it a bit difficult to fill this box this week!

Don't forget that we do have daily updates over on the News & Features page which not only includes all the news across the British Isles as it comes but we also have four regular photographic series: "Still Standing!", "Picture in Time - Blackpool", "Around the World in Trams" and "Picture in Time - Traditional Trams" to give you regular tram fixes!

Enjoy this week's update.

Gareth - 19th January 2020

Picture of the Week: West Midlands Metro 32

While we were taking a look at "Tram of the Year" nominees as our front page photo there was a major event on West Midlands Metro with the opening of the Birmingham Westside extension on 11th December 2019. Three days later on 14th December, we see 32 at the temporary terminus in Centenary Square known as Library. This tram itself had only returned to service with batteries for the first time on the first day of the extension running for the public.
Photograph by Bob Hodges

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