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What's New on British Trams Online?

We have a new selection of photos from the opening of the Trafford Park line on Manchester Metrolink. Taking place at the start of the major social distancing advice from government we have a small collection of photos showing the last day of shadow running and first day of public services. Full social distancing precautions were taken by photographers featured in this gallery.

Fleet Lists
There is an update to the Manchester Metrolink Fleet List and photo links have been updated on the Edinburgh Trams Fleet List. We have also taken the advantage of plenty of spare time to update the Docklands Light Railway Fleet List to the newer style, including links to photos of the trains. This is slightly different to other modern lists as we haven't included delivery dates as we don't have a clue on any of them!

In the News
Its been another week dominated by continued service restrictions as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic but we have also seen the Trafford Park line opening in Manchester, some new advert liveries also in Manchester, we have seen some trams in Edinburgh back in fleet livery whilst Stockport 5 is nearly ready for a return to service at the Heaton Park Tramway - that is once everything gets back to normal at some point in the future. The News & Features page continues to be updated each day with not only all the news but also regular photo and video series to keep us all occupied during these times.

Just to reiterate all the latest advice from government - you should now only be heading out for essential purposes (such as going to work or to get supplies in). Going out to take photos and ride on trams is not an essential trip! The latest - and more stringent - restrictions were put into place from the start of Tuesday 24th March and we will not be featuring any new photos taken from that date (except where taken from the safety of your own home!) on British Trams Online until further notice.

Please stay stafe and play your part in restricting the spread of Covid-19 to ease the immediate burden on the NHS as far as possible.

As mentioned last week I intend to keep updating British Trams Online each day (each week for the main site) and in the coming days it is likely we will be relying more on archive images to keep us going. With everything going on in the world and with most of us stuck indoors for most of the time we will try and bring you some enjoyment looking back to when days like these could not even be imagined as likely to happen outside of a Sci-Fi movie. If you have any of your own archive images you would like to share please contact us in the normal way - I'm always greatful to hear from you!

Enjoy this week's update - please keep safe and remember to look out for the more vulnerable members of society!

Gareth - 29th March 2020

Picture of the Week: Manchester Metrolink 3073

Sunday 22nd March 2020 saw the opening of Manchester Metrolink's Trafford Park line with trams now running every 12 minutes between intu Trafford Centre and Cornbrook. With hardly a soul around and full social distancing advice being taken into account we see the first tram about to depart from intu Trafford Centre shortly before 0700. 3073 was the tram which had just received a vinyl wrap advert for intu Trafford Centre.
Photograph by Steve Hyde

Upcoming Major Events All events currently suspended due to Coronavirus pandemic. When restrictions are lifted and it is possible for events to resume this will be updated.

Visit the Events Diary for details of all events.

This page was last updated on Sunday 29th March 2020

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