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This week on British Trams Online

Two systems often referred to by three letter acronyms feature as part of this week's update (yes, we really well theme updates any way we can!). Our first offering comes from Nottingham Express Transit with a selection of photos taken at the very end of August and very beginning of September, at a time when the weather was still fine, dry, sunny and warm. These photos were also taken during the closure of the line between The Forest and Wilkinson Street so we also get to see some unusual movements of trams across rarely used crossovers and platforms.

Our second three letter system is the Docklands Light Railway. This gallery features images from the middle of September (and yes, you guessed it, the weather was sunny and warm for these shots as well!) at a variety of locations across the DLR.

This week we have also further updated the Events Diary now that we have dates from Blackpool for 2019. With the September Spectacular confirmed for 28th and 29th September we now know the last two weekends in September are, once again, set to have the two biggest tram events of the year.

The Nottingham Express Transit Fleet List has also been updated to the latest style, including links to a photo of each tram so you can see what the livery description actually means. As we have now entered the quieter period of the year - although we still have plenty of photos to come in the next few weeks from the late summer and early autumn period - the aim is that more of the Fleet Lists are treated to this reorganisation giving you the most-up-to-date and clear to use information as possible.

And looking ahead next week will see the launch of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2019 contest. But that is next week, so until then please enjoy this week's update!

Gareth - 18th November 2018

Picture of the Week: Nottingham Express Transit 218, 214 & 215

At the end of August rail replacement work in Nottingham led to a split service being operated on Nottingham Express Transit with no trams able to run between The Forest and Wilkinson Street and those two stops becoming temporary termini, leading to rare moves in public service. This photo comes from The Forest where the centre platform - not normally used by public services - was the platform to catch trams into the city centre and beyond with 218 just departing on 31st August with a service to Clifton South. It is flanked by spare trams for the day 214 and 215.
Photograph by Gareth Prior

Upcoming Major Events

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th November
Winter Gold - Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours

Visit the Events Diary for details of all events.

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