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Its into the archives for our photos this week as we head back to Blackpool in 2006 to take a look at the Balloon Cars in operation. There's many lost liveries and not all the trams seen have survived into 2024.

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Fleet Lists
There are updates this week to the Blackpool Tramway (photo links), Edinburgh Trams (photo links), Manchester Metrolink (photo links), Volk's Electric Railway (last operated dates) and West Midlands Metro (tram movemenets and photo links) Fleet Lists as well as the Edinburgh Trams (photo links) Advert List.

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In the News
Amongst the news this week has been the announcement of the planned launch back into service of Blackpool 634 at the East Anglia Transport Museum on Friday 29th March - with a Blackpool Tram Weekend set to welcome it into service. This week we've also seen (yet) another tram move featuring a West Midlands Metro tram and have had a round-up of a lot of the new adverts seen on Edinburgh Trams. Staying with the photographic theme and we have also taken a look at the Transport for Wales tram-trains in their new depot at Taffs Well and seen Manchester Metrolink's 3081 back in fleet livery.

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Events Diary
This week we have added more dates to Events Diary with details of plans for the East Anglia Transport Museum for 2024.

Please enjoy this week's update!

Gareth - 18th February 2024

Picture of the Week: Blackpool 722 & 703

We're going back to 5th September 2006 for this photo as we see two of Blackpool's Balloon trams at Fleetwood Ferry before returning south towards Blackpool. Closest to the camera is 722 - a tram which was scrapped in 2009 - with company given by 703 (now owned by the FTT and stored at Rigby Road Depot. The trams also demonstrate both advertising (722 - Transport and General Workers Union) and fleet livery 703 - 1980s green and cream).
Photograph by Gareth Prior

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