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This week on British Trams Online

This week we bring you a selection of photos from Stagecoach Supertram. Images are from 8th March and show four of the Citylink tram-trains - three of which were in service, one on each of the routes plus one on Driver Training - plus the usual sight of the original Siemens-Duewag trams.

The news at the tail end of this week has been dominated by the return of both the Manx Electric Railway and Crich Tramway Village to action for another year. Despite the weather having other ideas Spring is definitely on the horizon and we are about to enter another season of heritage tram operation across the British Isles! Next Saturday (24th March) will also see the first Enthusiast Day of 2018 at the "Tramway of the Year", the Statfold Barn Railway, which of course includes the chance to enjoy Burton & Ashby 14.

Enjoy the update!

Gareth - 18th March 2018

Picture of the Week: Stagecoach Supertram 116 & 120

A different angle of Stagecoach Supertram is seen in this view as 116 - complete with Doncaster Sheffield Airport advert - heads off to Middlewood along Church Street. The Cathedral stop is seen in the background where 120 is waiting at the platform. This stunning image was captured on 10th November 2017.
Photograph by Mark Hambly

Upcoming Major Events

Saturday 24th March
Enthusiast Day - Statfold Barn Railway

Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April
Rush Hour on the Railways - Isle of Man

Saturday 31st March to Monday 2nd April
Easter Gold - Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours

Saturday 31st March
Meet the Trammers - Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

Saturday 31st March & Sunday 1st April
Easter Family Treasure Trail - East Anglia Transport Museum

Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd April
World War II: Home Front/1940s Event - Crich Tramway Village

Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd April
Eggstrams Special Easter - Heaton Park Tramway

Visit the Events Diary for details of all events.

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